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This is a gripe about work and is therefore possibly too full of jargon for anybody to grok, even if they cared.

It really chaps my ass to get a production report that lists 40% of the jobs as being late because they're "waiting on copy" when, in fact, copy has been set up. I'm just waiting for the client to approve it, or for the client service rep to sign off on it, so I can make it FINAL and kick it off to production. And then I have to wait until the production specialist actually release it to the post script and laser machines.

For extra fun, all these late jobs look like MY FAULT to the 80+ people on this mailing list (including three layers of bosses), when none of them are sitting in my department waiting on us to do a darn thing on them. So, not only do I have to report on where all these jobs actually are (since nobody else has a tracking system) and tell them they have their friggin' jobs a their own desks -- a task that steals a good hour from my day -- but I also get to "manage up" and reassure these bosses that the copy and creative department really don't sit around with our thumbs up our asses all day, trying to block up the productivity pipeline for the company, either.

Of course, when these jobs comes back to us (in a flood, because there's a brushfire to be managed now), we'll need to turn it around in a matter of hours. Nevermind that it's taken the C/S rep three weeks to get it back to me...and it didn't even go back to the client; it was just sitting on her desk. And nevermind that it's still my responsibility to make sure it's all proofread before it mails, no matter how fast they want it.

Naturally, I'm supposed to be out of the office on Friday.

::having a Yosemite Sam moment here::


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