saffronhare: (glamourous Binoche)
2005-08-23 09:48 am
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Thanks, guys.

I spent most of the weekend sort of...suspended...floating around in world- and brain-space I don't usually inhabit. Still processing. It was mostly good -- and it was All Your Fault.

I'm tremendously grateful to have friends and near-friends who make me feel safe enough to try out different ways of being. There's no way I would have tried wearing that costume Friday night otherwise. You were very gentle with me and the Angst Fairy ended up very disappointed, thank goodness.

On Sunday, I went to Festival of Tara (you all know I'm not generally a Festival Person) and a Blessingway ritual that felt so good in the sampling of people and experience that I Want More. You even have me hankering to go camping. Which is really saying something.

Again: thank you. Looking forward to more, and more.