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UNIPEP Online (many, many thanks to the wiki-manifesting superpowers of [ profile] featherynscale) the interest of promoting peace, goodwill, and comfy napping, The United Nations International Pajama Exchange Program now has a wiki, for the purposes of making contact with other Pajama Ambassadors, tracking the progress of Pajamas, etc.

Visit us here:

The password is currently set to UNIPEP, so feel free to log in and post stuff if you like. One day we might have a real website, but today is not that day.


Feel free to forward, cross-post and otherwise pass it on, but please understand we are not exactly heavy on the content right now. :) I need to find me a Pajama Ambassador icon.

Also -- in my bumbling newness to All Things Wiki, it's possible that I will do this awful thing called Locking. Please forgive, and go ahead and "break the lock" or whatever. I am not a stupid person, just inexperienced and eternally grateful that ignorance is curable.
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You are all cordially invited to share in the joy that is UNIPEP -- the United Nations International Pajama Exchange Program.*

The mission of UNIPEP (at least, as far as [ profile] featherynscale and I have gotten in defining it) is to foster world peace by encouraging people to share their favoritest jammies with friendly folk around the world. We are motivated by the love of napping, and a firm belief that if everybody spent more time sleeping well in comfy jammies, then world peace might stand a fighting chance.

UNIPEP is entering its third year now. It's my ambition to recruit some participants from outside the KC area, and perhaps even go international. I'd like to congratulate [ profile] chaosdruid and [ profile] niveus_tigris, who took possession of my garishly flowered satin jammies for the season. Enjoy!

On seasonality: We are active year-round, but pajama-wearing tends to increase during the colder months, so this is a great season to spread the Good News.

On inclusion: We welcome participants of all ages and persuasions, but it's important to note that we're not talking about sex here. Sure, sex is about love and all that -- don't get us wrong -- but UNIPEP is more about loving-kindness than actual booty.

*We're not actually endorsed by the UN (yet), but we like to think they'd applaud our efforts to support napping and world peace.


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