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I think this is pretty interesting stuff, found this morning in the journal of a person who often has stimulating things to say, while I was traipsing around a bit this morning. What I find particularly thought-provoking is that power and dominance don't necessarily have a lot to do with who is apparently in charge of a situation -- rather, it is my experience that these sorts of behaviors end up dominating debate and interaction with much more subtle manipulations of influence and personalities underneath the surface, and often in ways that make the dominating person appear to be harmless or the victim of harm rather than the aggressor.

It's a good reminder of what to watch out for in others...and a particularly sharp and useful check on what I sometimes do, if I'm honest enough with myself to see it for truth. Really, we all pull these tricks at one time or another, both consciously and unconsciously.

I've edited the information down a bit here, and I don't have the actual links yet -- but I'll try to get those coded soon. I don't agree with all of it. For instance, the essay focuses specifically on how men do this to women, and there are a goatload of assumptions about how the sexes feel about life and themselves. But if your brain can edit out those overarching themes, then there are a few shining moments in there (well worth the sifting, in my opinion) about how people can relate to other people in either horrible or healthy ways. The commentary on the original post is shaping up to be something worth watching too. In the meantime, please go visit [ profile] sunfell for the original post.

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