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Some wisdom for the week (posted a day or so late) from <lj-cut text="Rob's Free Will Astrology:> Rob's Free Will Astrology: <b>Cancer</b>: If you were a medieval knight going into battle with a full suit of armor, the advantage you had from the metal's protection was offset by the extra energy it took to haul around so much extra weight. In fact, historians say this is one reason that a modest force of English soldiers defeated a much larger French army at the Battle of Agincourt in 1415. The Frenchmen's armor was much bulkier, and by the time they slogged through muddy fields to reach their enemy, they were too tired to fight at peak intensity. The moral of the story, as far as you're concerned: To win a great victory in the coming weeks, shed as many of your defense mechanisms and as much of your emotional baggage as possible. ******* I think I wear a lot less armor these days than I used to, but I'm definitely carrying around much more mental encumbrance. Worries about this or that, and a lot of commitments that leave me with very few resources for anything other than recurring/daily tasks and hard-coded commitments. It just doesn't give me much room to change my strategy on the fly. Tangentially and metaphorically related: I'm very excited to be participating in an "intro to Hapkido" workshop tomorrow. Lots of contact sparring, locks, throws, and the like. Being so much smaller than most of my potential opponents, my major advantage is to be just a bit faster (and just a bit meaner) than they expect me to be. I figure I'm going to get bruised a bit, but at least I won't be surprised by the contact. Still quite pleased not to be a Delicate Flower. I've been regaining some of that physical quickness lately, but I don't have it mentally like I used to. Need to figure out what kind of weight I can clear outta my head to improve processing speed, etc.
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I think the theme for this year is going to be about finding a rhythm for diving and surfacing; solitary time and shared time; things written and things left blank.

Whale is a totem animal I haven't visited with much lately, but it's probably time. The last few years have featured several Big Goals to work toward, fueling a sense of drive and purpose. Now, I've reached a point where it's more about "trustee" work -- preserving what I've got, boosting my sense of ownership, and making smaller changes toward smaller goals. No less meaningful, just not quite so BIG. It requires a shift in focus, I think, to keep me from losing focus entirely. I'm remembering something [ profile] adammaker wrote about some time ago:

Input | Output | Focus | Flow

Whale is a chronicler, too. I've missed writing much on LJ -- processing both privately and with specific concentric circles of friends -- as well as more old-fashioned journaling. Words make me happy: scribbling lists, composing letters, binding sentiment and meaning with ink and electrons.

So it's not so much a set of resolutions as a reboot of mindfulness. Or something. :)
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I saw this in [ profile] fionnabhar's journal and thought it might be an interesting exercise...though perhaps not for anyone but me. What was most odd was that I hardly remembered writing some of these. Useful to see what kind of patterns tend to repeat, so I can try to chart new territory instead of spinning my wheels. And stuff. cut for the disinterested ) ETA: Whoops. This was supposed to be a "first sentence" kind of thing. Sorry.
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Rob's FreeWill Horoscope has me thinking today, and not because of what he had to say for Cancerians. It was a bit in his narrative/newsletter thingie that got me going. I've bolded the parts that continue to tickle my brain.

How does it make you feel when I urge you to confess profound secrets to people who are not particularly interested? Does it make you want to:

a. cultivate a healthy erotic desire for a person you'd normally never be
attracted to in a million years;
b. stop helping your friends glamorize their pain;
c. imitate a hurricane in the act of extinguishing a forest fire;

d. visualize Buddha or Mother Teresa at the moment of orgasm;
e. steal something that's already yours.

The right answer, of course, is any answer you thought was correct. Congratulations. You're even smarter than you knew. To seal your victory, repeat the following affirmation: "Stressed" is "desserts" spelled backward.

Huh. Also, Live and Let Die was playing on the radio this morning. It's a useful reminder that letting go of stress means really Letting Go of Stress. Lemme see if I can articulate this. If I'm going to decide not to stress over something, it means I have to stop watching what happens and be prepared for whatever-it-is to drop off the edge of the earth without my attention. This is not to say that I figure something will fail without my direction or involvement. No, that's not it at all. It's just that I can't claim to have let it go if I don't accept in advance any and all consequences that may come from my release of it -- wherever those consequences fall on the curve of blessings and curses. Changing my thought pattern in that direction makes it less about destroying the stress and more about accepting whatever may come, which seems a far healthier way to live. That's still sloppy wording, but it'll have to do for now.
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I'm noticing a connection between the amount of [Emotion X] I anticipate or brace for in a situation and the amount of [Emotion X] I perceive myself to have experienced (and/or observed in others) on the other side of the situation.

The apparent cause and effect is predictable, regardless of whether the emotion is negative or positive...and whether I'm considering my own behavior or that of others.

To expect anything other than Good Things is, in my mind, too limiting to be tolerated. This is not to be confused with not knowing how to respond to Bad Things, or Other Things along the spectrum. I'm simply talking about setting up expectations.

Filing this under Self-Fulfilling Prophecies and Emotional Reality.


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