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I wasn't at all prepared for yesterday's ritual, in the sense of having any awareness that I was supposed to *prepare* for it. My own damn fault, really, for not paying attention closely enough...though it took most of what I had simply to show up. Anyway. There was a point during which we were supposed to offer thanks to Lugh for whatever lessons or gifts we gained through his patronage over the last year.

I sat there for a while, stunned. First off, I wasn't prepared. But after that, I realized I'd done almost nothing with Lugh that year at all. And I couldn't think of a single way in which working with him had superceded other work I was already doing. And then it hit me: his tale was a teaching tale for me, but in the way of a cautionary tale rather than one after which I wanted to model my life. to 'splain a bit )
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I think it's been six or seven years since I've been able to let go and get lost in ritual like I did yesterday. The music and dancing processed me in ways that will be difficult to articulate. All sorts of sensations managed to distract me from the grumpiness that had a good hold on me as I entered. Well staged, folks. Noteworthy: Aside from visual learning, kinesthetic is my strongest learning style (maybe stronger even than visual). This is the sort of work I really enjoy and seldom get to do.

For posterity, and I don't expect anybody to understand. )


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