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and sponsored by Content-Free Friday. At least this person seems to know how to construct the darn thing to get the correct answer. I don't really want to *be* a scientist, engineer, or programmer...but the description, while very basic, is otherwise on target.

Also, a word that makes my brain go "yum" -- metastuff
Meyers-Briggs quiz thingy )
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Hey, I only promised non-breast content, nothing more. Stolen from [ profile] zylch. soul quiz thingie )
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When one writes for a living, Mercury Retrogrades can really suck. With the exception of some moon phase ebbs and flows, this is the only astrological occurrence for which I have a great deal of respect. The rest of it is sort of crap, in my world. (shrug)

(On the other hand, I'm glad that [ profile] kittenpants is experiencing her usual, equal-yet-opposite reaction. Hi, honey!) Yes, I should have more clever-er words than that, but hey. Bite me.

While I try to get my groove on, here's a preview of Content-Free Friday with a silly quiz. pagan familiar -- woof. )
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Not bad, except that [ profile] fionnabhar will kill me. Today, I can see this being a workable match. Another day...who knows? HP Love Match Quiz Thingie )
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If I must be any kind of fairy at all, this isn't too bad, though their grammar is awful as usual. Actual content to follow at any moment.
Silly Fairy Quiz )
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I consider this fair warning. alignment, or lack thereof )
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Don't know why I bother anymore. I would've preferred Jeremy Irons, too.

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I had no idea my brain was this feminine.
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(Quiz taken from the ninjesque [ profile] rougewench) Actually, I tried really hard not to get this result but none of the other answers were the truth. Just couldn't help myself. ::le sigh:: I suppose every social circle needs a straight man...or, something. I dig the fur.

Couldn't have gone much lower on  )


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