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There are a number of efforts in which I'm achieving measurable progress so far. For instance, I get to test for my next belt level (purple) in TKD next Saturday, provided I can swing the testing fee. Both of the younger ninjas are being authorized to test, too, so the math may require me to wait. ::shrug:: There are worse things, and it's really cool to know I'm gaining in skills, etc.

This morning, I also discovered that I've lost about four inches around the waist since the beginning of January. HUH. I felt like my clothes were getting a bit looser and my energy has been better, but then the scale hadn't budged. Frustrating. So I measured and voila! Central obesity is a major factor in a lot of the diseases I'm trying to be less at risk for with this whole effort, so YAY on that. A good target, I'm told, is a waist measurement that's no more than half of one's height in inches. Gettin' there. :)

One area in which there's been some back-sliding, however, is the morning routine. I almost typed "the f%cking morning routine." It's been taking me TWO HOURS to get out the door in the mornings, which is unacceptable. It's not like I sit down at any point and pick my nose or luxuriate in a bubble bath. And I haven't really *added* things to the routine, either. No. This is just the basic morning stuff taking WAY longer than it used to take. I realize the new puppy adds a wrinkle or two to the timeline, but that can't be all of it. I need to examine what's happening a bit more carefully, because I don't really want to get up more than another 30 minutes earlier, but getting to the office as late as I have been cannot continue. Hrm.
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You go to bed before all the kids have been tucked in. Like, even the third-grader. But WOW did I ever need it! Yesterday was the kind of mellow evening that made it possible, too. Crockpot chili was ready to go on the table (with bonus homemade cornbread) when everybody got home, ludicrously hot and deep bath loosened up my muscles and lungs,and before-bedtime routines went smoothly with the kind assistance of hubby putting away leftovers. (Sometimes, that little bit of help and company makes a huge difference when I really dontwanna.)

I was ready to lock up and turn off lights when I realized it was only 8:30 p.m. -- two whole hours ahead of schedule! No dance or TKD class. No meetings. No holiday preparations to get a jump on. THANK YOU LORD. I turned off my bedside light about 30 minutes later and let Mac (who was up in bed at an unprecedented hour as well) pet me to sleep while he read a book. I have no memory of him turning off his light. It was a better night of sleep than the last couple of nights have been, too. Not super yet, but BETTER.

It's amazing how that kind of evening resets my whole universe. I suppose it says something, too, that I have just used more wordcount to talk about SLEEP here than I've used in perhaps the last few weeks to talk about anything else. Ha!

Everyone is back at school for a full day today, with the regular grind of meetings and classes starting back up by Monday. I can really feel the leveling-up of kids in the household lately. PB is in her final semester of high school and really effing ready to be outta here. The next two teens down the line got their learner's (driving) permits over the holiday. Shifty McGee's voice is changing and he's stretching out of his long pants again. FionaPie is growing teeny-tiny boobies (which she'd be mortified to know I'm talking about). And KiraDeara can do it all by herself, thankyouverymuch.

It feels like there's change in the air for 2012. People are getting real and making shifts toward what feels authentic and sustainable for their long-term visions. It's inspiring to hear what's on everyone's minds. Feeling like my own foundation is solid enough these days to really chew on the best stuff. Yay!

FYI: I'm (invisibly) cross-posting from DW these days, mostly because I can't access ElJay at the office. I check/read both and still enjoy the merits of the older platform, but haven't really bothered with the whole link-fu thing. Waves in the ocean, man.
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Today is a day of finding the path among a great many smallish but very real limitations.

I want to register the Everybody's Alice domain name and start up some web hosting for the site that's nearly ready to go, but I need to wait on a bit of revenue before that. And I need to finish writing that A2A installment, but should back it up with a little more research, which calls for more brainpower than I've got at the moment.

I want to do some online training that could lead to increased virtual assistant assignments, but I can't really focus on the computer screen for more than a few minutes at a time right now, since this damnable headache keeps loitering in my brain. My inner "don't wanna" is at high tide, too, since I suspect the recent uptick in headaches means I need to return to certain dietary habits that are better for me. ::sigh::

I want to do some sewing or indulge in deep-involvement crafting, but the children are all moving parts today, and somebody needs to be somewhere (or picked up from somewhere) every 1.75 hours throughout the day. Maybe Kira Deara and I will dig out some patterns and work out the details in muslin. Of all the kids, she's the most likely to enjoy making some of her cold-weather clothes here at home and then actually *wear* the items. But sewing with a seven-year-old isn't quite the same experience as sewing on one's own.

So I'm doing things a little at a time, and counting to ten. A lot. All in all, it's not a bad way to get through a day. Still. We all know how well I do the patience thing. :)


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