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After last night's men's figure skating binge, I decided I should find some pics of Philippe Candeloro and make an icon or two (for artistic purposes, of course, and my expression of the Olympic Spirit). There are so many...I cannot possibly choose.

The Braveheart one, with the kilt? The musketeers one, with the breeches and over-the-knee boots? Maybe Saturday Night Fever? Or just one where he's got his shirt undone/off? ::fans self::

This dilemma will require some extensive meditation.
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by posting some photos for [ profile] matchgirl42 that are not Vin Diesel, and also attempt photo gallery code-fu. (Many thanks to [ profile] acousticdream for the pointer!)

Stand back, people. cut to protect bandwidth )
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I haven't been tagged, and I don't really want to tag anybody else, but I sort of felt like doing this anyway:
Pick 10 fictional characters you'd have sex with...

1. Riddick. (Vin Diesel, from Chronicles of Riddick) Any day. Anywhere.
2. Captain Etienne Navarre (Rutger Hauer, from Ladyhawke).
3. Count Adhemar of Anjou (Rufus Sewell, from A Knight's Tale). Yes, there's a pattern here. I'll move on.
4. Simon Templar (Val Kilmer, from The Saint).
5. Vianne Rocher (Juliette Binoche, from Chocolat). This is here mostly because I want to BE her, not really DO her.
6. Corky (Gina Gershon, in Bound). Ridiculous name, but there you go. No, not Jennifer Tilly...or Gina's character in Showgirls.
7. Guinevere (Kiera Knightly, from King Arthur). That mostly does it for the chicks.
8. Steerpike (Jonathan Rhys-Myers, from Gormengast). Sorry. Was supposed to be moving on.
9. Frank Martin (Jason Statham, from The Transporter). I swear I can't help it.
10. Eomer (Karl Urban, from LOTR). What?!

I went mostly with movies, and just listed the first ones that came to mind. They're not really ranked and don't nearly exhaust the list. I promise I have a bit more range -- not a lot, but a bit -- though my mood today is quite definite.

::le sigh::


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