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This bit is the Dedication (all of it that was provided to me). It's worth noting that my accent is much more Plattdeutch than Hochdeutsch here -- with the length of it, and the repetition of rehearsal, I relaxed into my more natural "southern drawl" in German. Also...there are one or two flubs in it. See, I was on my third re-recording when it occured to me that maybe I didn't want to get Faust's Dedication Just Right, you know? The flubs do not mess with the meanings of the words (so a chicken will not appear on your desk while you're listening), but they're imperfections that bother me. I also really hate the phone fuzz and breathing sounds on this one, which I'm powerless to change. Ah, well. Such is life, or something.

The Dedication also fulfills the last of the special requests you made. I thank all the little gods that most of these posts fulfilled more than one request, else I'd be up a creek trying to do them all. Thanks for the pleasant distraction, folks. Kiss, kiss.

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By request: a recording of a bit we used for the Wild Hunt ritual back in November. As a trance induction, it's meant to repeat several times, but I only recorded it once. The next (and final) voice post will also be in German -- a little ditty from Faust that'll take some rehearsing before it's recorded.

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By request: Sonnets of William Shakespeare, Sonnet 147, with no particular alteration or characterization to my everyday voice except for speed and enunciation for your listening pleasure. This one just happened to catch my fancy today. Very convenient, how some of these voice posts can satisfy more than one request.

UPDATE: Up next...a little bit o'Deutsch (two posts, actually). Some of you freaks might want to arrange for some, er, private time. :)

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By request: Jabberwocky, by Lewis Carroll (in "the 900-number voice"). See how much I love you?

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So, [ profile] matchgirl42 did an interesting thing last week: she made a voice post, and asked folks on her list to do the same, so we could attached real-world "voices" to online ones (at least for paid users). Seemed like fun, and I think I want to play along...except that I'm utterly incapable of figuring out what to say.

This is where you get to have some fun with me, people. Is there something you'd like to hear me reading or saying? To you? To post in my LJ? Is there a particular kind of voice or accent you'd like me to do, or just be myself? Please remember that voice posts are made by way of telephone, so the sound quality may not be great. I will attempt to fulfill within 72 hours.

In consideration of those who might find me terrifying, or who might fear I'd find their request stoopid, weird, or objectionable in some way, I declare a temporary amnesty on Flaming Death (for this purpose only, for this week only). If you want it, ask for it. If I don't wnat to do it, I'll decline. No harm, no foul. I'm even going to screen comments...but if you're very sensitive about it, just email me, okay? (I can't guarantee I'll get the screening thing right.)

Go fer it.

EDIT: It's worth repeating -- "I'm utterly incapable of figuring out what to say." That goes for any request to "pick my favorite" from something or other. For many of you, this opportunity to boss me around may never come again. I'm very good at compartmentalizing information about people, and I'm feeling indulgent. Make the most of it, okay?


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