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Recap of the weekend's gymnastics meet, with link to photos. warning: sparkle and kid kyoot )


Dec. 6th, 2006 04:59 pm
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I'm not sure I adore the art, but I lovelovelove this little snippet about princesses:

Are you a princess? I said & she said I'm much more than a princess, but you don't have a name for it yet here on earth.

Ganked from [ profile] everflame (though I didn't bother coding it properly) because it makes me think of Kira.
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I'm sort of trippin' still, so I figure I'll just brain dump a bit so as to calm down and perhaps be more ready to sleep afterwards.

bleurgh )
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pretty random stuff...

Princess PrettySchool laid it down today. I asked her if she wanted me to get her some more pull-ups, or if she wanted to go ahead and start wearing panties at night. (She's wearing panties all day; the pull-ups are just for sleeping.) I wanted to ask, because we're nearly out of pull-ups and she had a lot of accidents over the weekend -- an unfortunate combination of my distraction and her growth spurt. Said she: I want the pull-ups, Mom. Panties at nights is freaking me out. Okay, then. A fresh package of pull-ups she'll have. She's doing so well, I guess there's no particular need to push this.

Wearing the sailor pants gifted to me by the inimitable [ profile] breathofgold, for the first time this season. They're baggy...almost baggy enough to seem ill-fitting rather than flattering. ::happy dance::

I've decided that putrid coffee at work is a blessing in disguise, keeping me from consuming more caffeine than I should. And somafm's Groove Salad is, well, groovy. Once again, my Palm is not charging up -- no chirpy beeping noises when I put it on the cradle or anything. The software is unsupported anymore, so perhaps this is the end. (sigh)

Princess Boredom got her school pictures yesterday and is pleased with them. She is also pleased with the seafoam/greeny-blue color of her bathroom walls and ceiling now. Second coat to go on this weekend, probably. Then it's time to sand and paint the woodwork, and start pricing the tiles for the floor. Getting the shower to work is a worry for another day, but it's coming along. :)

Tonight, I begin cutting sparkly fabric for the first of an eventual 140+ leotards for little teddy bears (due for a gymnastics meet in February). When she's older, I'll need to remind Princess !Kaboom that my love for her can be measured in yards of sparkly fabric and pounds of teddy bears. :)

Also, and. I thought Mercury wasn't going retrograde until the 28th?
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Out of nowhere on the ride home yesterday, Princess PrettySchool very thoughtfully commented, "F is not a bad word."

Princess !Kaboom seems to be having some trouble with headaches and tummyaches at school these days. She wasn't up to going to gymnastics on Tuesday and didn't seem quite herself until after dinner yesterday. We're thinking it's mostly about food intake, sleep, and how that translates to energy levels for Little Miss Nonstop Action. There's also an appointment with the eye doctor in her near future, and ongoing conversations with her teacher to see if we can figure it out.

We found some photos of [ profile] princessboredom and [ profile] dragon_sword at faire this past weekend! Family pictures will be shared as soon as [ profile] agrnmn gets to it -- or I figure out the Nikon-fu, whichever comes first -- but here's a link to the ones we found online (by J. Michael Strange, on page 65 of his KCRF gallery): These were taken before the fancy-schmancy Braiden Maidens 'do. I sure hope that doesn't violate any copyright laws, to post that. Hm.
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I am one flustered Momma today, but happy. First, Princess !Kaboom has her first day of Kindergarten today. She was All Over It with her morning routine and ready to go on time with her little purple backback and kicky denim skirt. She'd even put a shiny barette in her hair. (It'll be gone before lunch, I'm sure.)

We walked to school -- most days, I'll drive her, but today was Special -- so we could see all the car rider kids being dropped off in the circle drive like we'll start doing, watch how the safety patrol students help little kids get from their cars to the sidewalk safely, see that a teacher/aide was at the door to greet all the students (including her), and confirm that she could find the way to her own classroom. The big transition for me was noticing when she stopped following me and began to lead -- right about when the doors to the school came into view. My baby is leveling up! ::sniff::Read more... )
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Partly a Godparent Report; partly Proud Momma Moment

Delivery of Princess Sticky to her first day of preschool went well, though it took a while to roust her from bed this morning. In the future, I may have to turn on the light and just start clunking around in her room. But she's young yet, sharing a room with a morning-person sister, and it was the first day. I figured I'd give her a break today.

Remember last year? When Princess !Kaboom was all cheerful at home, and then looked like she might throw up by the time we got to the school? No such thing with this one. She was cool as a cucumber. At one point on the drive, she was reiterating to me How the Day Would Go (we went over it this weekend) and I told her she was So Smart. She clapped her hands together and said, "Yes. I'm even smarter than Rowan." Good thing I wasn't drinking coffee. Pictures to come soon.

She walked me directly to her classroom -- no stopping to greet the folks at the desk, oh no -- and zeroed in on her teacher. Teacher Lady was very excited to meet Princess !Kaboom's sister...even after I reminded her that the girls are Very Different Personalities. We'll see how that goes. Princess Sticky was very calm and quiet, though not particularly worried about anything. We did our hugs and kisses, and then she grabbed Teacher Lady's hand to go find a puzzle to work. I wandered out the door with no fanfare at all, thankyouverymuch. ::whew::

It was the first day of school for [ profile] agrnmn too, but I bet he'll have his own stories to tell. I sure hope he finds somebody nice to eat his lunch with. :) They're all four of them at different schools with different schedules this year. Two down, two to go.
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Maybe it's hormonal, but my kids are twisting at my heart the last few days. Feel free to walk on by. )
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To: Everyone.
From: Princess Sticky, wielder of the Hand of Entropy
Re: Flaming Death

You can all die right now. All of you. Quit looking at me. Go away.
Wait, not you. You can change my diaper.


Yup, she's a real pleaser today. I have no idea where she gets it.
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On the way home from preschool today, Princess !Kaboom regaled us with tales from her dreams last night. She was perky as ever in the telling...

It started with sharks ripping her up and killing her until she was dead. Then, vampires plucked out her eyes, but it was okay -- she had a collar on that kept them from biting her neck. After that, the pirates made her walk off a plank into the water where there were tentacles. Read more... )
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I deleted those last two posts because I got bored looking at them. If you're emotionally scarred by their disappearance...well, bite me. :)

Anyway, something odd occurred to me last night, as Princess !Kaboom was bouncing up and down in excitement over the promise of chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast: this child looks like an Anime character. Huge eyes, roundish heart-shaped face, pert little nose, graphic short bob haircut, general bounciness. Heck, she even has nonsensical little songs and dances for every occassion.

Huh. This kid also wants some serious Hello Kitty love for Christmas.
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Home for a shower and a nap, and a bit of an update while I decompress. First, props to [ profile] triadruid, [ profile] fionnabhar, and La Greca for excellent coverage. Plus, tea and cinnamon toast. Princess Boredom is feeling well enough to be Bored. She was delighted to find more books in her bag from home than items of clothing, something which caused much laughter from her primary nurse today, Kathleen. Kathleen is Scottish, and it's a real thrill to hear her say "albuterol" and "righty-tighty."

This is going to be a bit disjointed. )
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And Superdad rocked. (Update at the end of the message includes a link to a photo now.) kid update ahead )


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