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Most excellent progress on [ profile] princessboredom's dress last night. She found the most marvelous matte satiny-chocolatey fabric for the overskirt. It really ties everything together so beautifully -- much better than our original idea did, so three cheers for her eye for color there.

With the helpful supervision of Auntie [ profile] breathofgold, we basted together and fitted the bodice pieces. (All this, while Liam supervised the other two princesses bathing...the scoundrel. We got pictures!) Wow, is that Italian Ren style ever lovely on her. The expanse of shoulders and clavicle is beautiful and I think she feels beautiful wearing it. Since the sewing machine was cooperating, I was able to do the actual machine stitching on the bodice last night (seems the machine prefers silk thread) and get the sleeves all but attached.

Tonight, I gain two hours of work time all on my own because [ profile] agrnmn is managing the transport of girls: eldest to Fight Night, Princess !Kaboom to gymnastics (where she's nearly got a back handspring now), and youngest with him to Costco for some groceries. Sure, meals will be in the living room and things will be a mess until after Sunday, but hey. I need the time, the concentration, and the whole damn dining room. That's the price of glamour. :)

With luck, I'll be back on track by the end of tonight such that Saturday's gaming will only need to accomodate some hand-finishing and grommet-setting. (Virgin sacrifices are under consideration.) I am so very happy.
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I made two of the top ten noobie garbing mistakes last night. There was a lot of cursing last night, and I admit reaching a point where I actively searched for something to shatter or throw out a window. But now, I think I can relate it with some humor. Because Princess Boredom and I have a PLAN. )
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We're getting the fambly ready for a trip to Faire this Sunday, making sure everyone's garb fits and making some new stuff. The little princesses still fit into their dresses from last year -- and they both still like their dresses, so that's a big relief. Princess !Kaboom's will fit for a few years yet (lots of seam allowances to be let out, etc.), but this is probably Princess PrettySchool's last year in hers. Need to check the closet to be certain that [ profile] agrnmn has all the pieces of his kilt get-up together, too.

This year, Princess Boredom is getting a more mature dress, fitted and everything. It's kind of an Italian Ren style -- not quite so boobilicious as something involving a corset. We've been doing it in bits and pieces (in the hopes of avoiding an all-nighter). The gauntlets are nearly done; the underskirt and sleeves are cut. Tonight, we cut out the bodice and overskirt, sew up the underskirt and start assembling the bodice. After that, things should come together impressively. ::knock on wood:: I fear I do not have enough trim for the bodice and overskirt. Also, I'm not entirely pleased with how the trim I've got looks with that fabric. Perhaps I'll hand-stitch it so it'll come off easier in the future. Hey -- if the existing pattern includes a zipper, but I don't want to use a zipper closure, what else might I use instead?

As for me, I might take a bye on the whole dress-up experience this year. For the last several faire seasons, folks have been most gracious about letting me cobble an outfit together from their own wardrobes. I've simply reached a point where I'm frustrated with not having anything of my own style or colors or fit...but that frustration hasn't managed to coincide with with the budget and time to actually arrange to have anything of my own just yet. Oh, well. I think I'm going to surrender for this year and just relax...hundreds of people are perfectly comfortable attending in jeans every weekend. I can certainly be one of them, right? (grin)

Also: my brown wool cloak is missing. Did I somehow lend it to somebody and forget about it? Or have any of you witnessed me putting it someplace unusual, where I might not be thinking to look? It's just a slab of wool and it wouldn't be tough to make another one, but I miss it. And you know how it irritates me not to be able to find things. My Locator Fu is just not working lately. Ugh.


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