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On the way home from preschool today, Princess !Kaboom regaled us with tales from her dreams last night. She was perky as ever in the telling...

It started with sharks ripping her up and killing her until she was dead. Then, vampires plucked out her eyes, but it was okay -- she had a collar on that kept them from biting her neck. After that, the pirates made her walk off a plank into the water where there were tentacles. Read more... )
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Last night, I ended up kicking [ profile] agrnmn out of the bed so I could sleep with a bit less snoring dragon in my life. I really hate that, but love is not the same as sleep. I am a better person when I sleep, and I'm sure he's in favor of that. This is not to say he isn't still an asshole, just that he was pretty considerate about going to snore on the couch once I gave in and asked.

Ended up dreaming that I was committing some sort of political intrigue-type and Bobby DeNiro, on a caper. We even had a little white dog. Later, I was shopping for clothes with Duran Duran. The guys wanted me to try on some gorgeous leather jackets, but they were all in men's sizes and wouldn't fit. So we went to eat at a Mexian restaurant instead.

I don't know what to do with such dreams. I want a nap.


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