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1978. I was living in Germany and had just started playing football. We didn't get American radio, which meant we mostly listened to BBC Radio. (I hadn't yet fallen in love with All Things Deutsch.) My coach was British, so we listened to this song a lot -- Rod Stewart with the Scottish World Cup Squad, celebrating their qualification for the World Cup in Argentina.

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This is cross-posted on FB, but I didn't want [ profile] fionnabhar to miss it.

Pretty sure this album actually belonged to my parents (mom, most likely), but I "borrowed" it a whole lot. Had a storyline built in my head to explain what all the songs meant and how they worked in sequence, etc. I always think it's an interesting mark of maturity when one can manage not to feel embarrassed about loving Abba, but maybe I'm full of shit. :)


Oct. 4th, 2013 08:22 am
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Did I skip 1976 here? Maybe I did. Anyway, here's 1977 -- and a song off the first album I bought for myself. I never claimed to have excellent taste in music, people. Dear heavens, I adored Shaun Cassidy. These were the days of Tiger beat magazine and posters on the wall. For my 10th birthday, my father and uncle took my cousin and me to see Shaun in concert at the Civic Center in Providence, RI. As the parent of a 10yo girl, I really can't imagine doing that. So...thanks, dad.

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My parents owned the albums with so many of the songs on the Top 100 list from 1975! I mean, they had the Eagles, Doobie Brothers, the Carpenters, John Denver...even Paul Anka, ferfuxake. I could have been way cooler with my choice, but I love this song. NGL: I honestly had one helluva time choosing between this and "Rhinestone Cowboy."


Oct. 3rd, 2013 08:52 am
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There may come a time in this meme when I have to stray from whichever songs were on the charts during June of each year, but so far it hasn't been hard to find a great one.

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You Are the Sunshine of My Life, Stevie Wonder. One of many "sunshine" songs that hold a special place in my heart, because that's the nickname of my childhood. (Well, "nik-nak-paddy-wack" is another one, but I never liked it much.) This is the year my younger brother was born, and dad used this song to reassure me that they could totally love two children at the same time.

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I'm so sorry, Vin. I just don't think I'm going to be able to see Riddick, either in the theater or on DVD. See, I never expected Riddick to be High Art...and I sure never expected the character to be particularly cultured. But I loved the other movies in the chronicles because Riddick, while BAD, was generally RIGHT. Maybe this one will do well enough that they'll make another one, and not fuck it all up for us.

I should

Aug. 17th, 2013 04:52 pm
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  1. finish that PPT draft for work

  2. get to the Moscato, which won't drink itself

  3. queue up something interesting on Netflix

After all, I've got the house to myself for several hours...possibly even overnight. HOLLA.

June 1972

Aug. 17th, 2013 04:24 pm
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Took me forever to make a choice for this year. There was so much music I remember -- Elton John, The Carpenters, Neil Young...and Donny Osmond, ferfuxake. Finally went with this one, because Bill Withers was sad that I didn't pick "Use Me" for 1971.

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Day by Day, from the Godspell soundtrack. Can't help singing along.

June 1971

Aug. 15th, 2013 10:55 pm
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I'm expecting to be swamped at the office tomorrow, so I'm posting this now before I forget. There was a LOT of vinyl in our house. I have vivid memories of my father spending entire weekends making mix tapes, timing the songs on the record player with the cassette recorder (or even the reel-to-reel!). I remember singing this one in the car and loving it when my father would sing. He doesn't sing very often these days, but he's got a surprisingly pleasant baritone (at least, that's what I think his range is...I have a horrible sense for such things).

I love how Carole is so REAL in this video, with the hair that keeps getting in her way and her unexpected white shoes under the piano.

June 1970

Aug. 15th, 2013 10:29 pm
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Sounds like a voiceover counting to nine and ten in Flemish before the live performance. Huh. "Mama Told Me (not to come)" by Three Dog Night. I've loved every version of this song.

June 1969

Aug. 14th, 2013 08:36 pm
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Tagging along on a fun thing (meme?) started by [ profile] fionnabhar. Lots happening in the music world in 1969, but I went with the song at #1 on June 27th -- the day after I was born. Funny enough, this is one of the precious few Beatles songs I like. (I'm a Rolling Stones girl, yo.)

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That awkward moment when you realize both the ninth-grader and the seventh-grader are taking Algebra this year.
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This was the final weekend for our commissioning out at Camp Naish. With the last session of campers wrapping up on Saturday, there were fewer interactions with scouts and their families, and therefore fewer new items on the list overall...but camp break-down activities offered some great moments in which I remembered I shouldn't do something only *after* I'd already done it. So that was fun. Still working on the download from my notes. New items start around #38.

Things Nikki is Not Allowed to Do at Scout Camp )
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The gluten-free adventures continue. Thankfully, everyone seems to enjoy "quinoa surprise," which is quickly becoming one of [ profile] diermuid's favorite meals to make. One of the biggest GF advocates in the house -- and the most creative seeker of recipes for baked goods -- is KiraDeara. So that's really endearing and sweet. Girl can BAKE, too. Looking forward to more of that.

Growing my hair out, I think. It's at that horribly heavy and floppy stage where it isn't quite long enough to push behind my ears. Also, I need to color it likewhoa, but I'm waiting until happy fun pool time at Naish is over for the season. Might need to acquire some combs or headbands or something. Because I can't wear a HAT at work.
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If you're just now tuning in, the updates from this past weekend appear starting around #23. I spent a lot of time helping out the short-staffed aquatics program, which was a lot of fun -- especially when I got to spend a couple of hours as a "drowning victim." I drowned like a BOSS, let me tell you...they've even asked me if I'll come back and do it again next weekend! (Pro tip: shower AFTER this activity, not before. Chlorine can only do so much to combat the touch of 75+ Webelos.)

Things Nikki is Not Allowed to Do at Scout Camp )
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For many reasons, my ambition to get out of town for a romantic weekend just with [ profile] diermuid isn't going to happen. And that's okay, really, but I wanted to do some Interesting Things before the end of the summer nonetheless, and an opportunity surfaced: We're going to serve as "camp commissioners" out at Camp Naish for the next three weekends. no, seriously ) Call me crazy.
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This could have been a weekend of THWART, but my inner editor has decided to cut the film such that it looked like VICTORY and DOUGHNUTS instead. Read more... ) Not sure what I'm going to tackle this week/weekend. Isn't the suspense just *killing* you?
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One day at a time, is how we're managing this week. On Monday, my DVDs of Downton Abbey arrived from Amazon, so we promptly threw over any plans to power wash the fence and just sat on our butts to watch a few episodes. Most of Tuesday evening's productivity was also sacrificed on the altar of Grantham. Which I'm okay with. Of course, the fence won't wait forever...but since we're binge-watching, the fever will have passed within a week anyway. Aside from loving the series myself, it's really neat that *every* member of the family adores it too. We're getting to share the box of Kleenex, talk about History, and argue about which of us gets to be Aunt Violet when we grow up. (For the record, I'm in the lead by virtue of being eldest and also most likely to bludgeon somebody with my will cane.)

KiraDeara has her final dress rehearsal this evening, and she's starting to get tired. It was nearly 10 o'clock by the time we got her home last night, and she didn't wind down enough to go to bed until nearly 11. Could be another four-hour session tonight. It's been a long build-up and this is a big show, with the children's choir on stage for a lot of it. I'm sure she'll get a boost of energy from having actual audiences in their performances, but it's a run of five shows. Even if you're not in town or able to attend a show, please do send her a bit of gentle mojo?

Finally, I'm excited to re-certify in CPR/AED this Friday night (it's been too long) and take that Wilderness First Aid course on Saturday. Did I already mention how the girls are bitterly disappointed to learn that the course is *not* all about learning to administer first aid to wildlife? Yeah. Should be fun and useful anyway. :)


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