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This weekend was another rare one -- beautiful weather, not much on the calendar, and both of us with energy to devote to homesteading projects. Finally selected and installed new house numbers, which have been missing since the house was repainted (last August). They are shiny! And [ profile] diermuid purchased lumber while I was at FionaPie's (chilly) soccer game on Saturday morning, so we got to install that raised garden bed I've been wanting on the side of the house. OMG.


A month or so of steady delivery and installation work (mostly on basketball goals) meant a bunch of scraps and concrete, with not much time to get rid of it. Got all that stuff cleared away!


This side of the house gets great sun and has pretty good drainage, but the ground is awfully uneven. We spent a lot of time measuring and leveling. (I spent a lot of time learning, and digging.) We'll create something of a French drain coming off that downspout to help with irrigation and will truck in some dirt as we get closer to springtime. We can't plant obvious veggies out here, due to HOA rules (BOO), but we can do kitchen herbs for sure because those are "flowers and plants." Ha. I hope to start some seedlings inside. We'll see how that goes.

A note for [ profile] katzenfrau: I let the girls start carving pumpkins yesterday afternoon, and supervised as they toasted the seeds. They were also 100% in charge of getting out Halloween decorations. I am pleased with this arrangement. I don't have to do any of it, but it still gets done and they had a blast.

Today, my arms ache like crazy and I can hardly move my hands. YAY! One more weekend of cutting things back, putting bulbs in the ground, and putting things into storage for winter should do the trick outside for the season. Unless I figure out how to tackle power-washing and re-staining the backyard fence before it gets too cold. Hrm.
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