Oct. 4th, 2013


Oct. 4th, 2013 08:22 am
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Did I skip 1976 here? Maybe I did. Anyway, here's 1977 -- and a song off the first album I bought for myself. I never claimed to have excellent taste in music, people. Dear heavens, I adored Shaun Cassidy. These were the days of Tiger beat magazine and posters on the wall. For my 10th birthday, my father and uncle took my cousin and me to see Shaun in concert at the Civic Center in Providence, RI. As the parent of a 10yo girl, I really can't imagine doing that. So...thanks, dad.

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This is cross-posted on FB, but I didn't want [livejournal.com profile] fionnabhar to miss it.

Pretty sure this album actually belonged to my parents (mom, most likely), but I "borrowed" it a whole lot. Had a storyline built in my head to explain what all the songs meant and how they worked in sequence, etc. I always think it's an interesting mark of maturity when one can manage not to feel embarrassed about loving Abba, but maybe I'm full of shit. :)

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1978. I was living in Germany and had just started playing football. We didn't get American radio, which meant we mostly listened to BBC Radio. (I hadn't yet fallen in love with All Things Deutsch.) My coach was British, so we listened to this song a lot -- Rod Stewart with the Scottish World Cup Squad, celebrating their qualification for the World Cup in Argentina.


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