Jun. 26th, 2013

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One day at a time, is how we're managing this week. On Monday, my DVDs of Downton Abbey arrived from Amazon, so we promptly threw over any plans to power wash the fence and just sat on our butts to watch a few episodes. Most of Tuesday evening's productivity was also sacrificed on the altar of Grantham. Which I'm okay with. Of course, the fence won't wait forever...but since we're binge-watching, the fever will have passed within a week anyway. Aside from loving the series myself, it's really neat that *every* member of the family adores it too. We're getting to share the box of Kleenex, talk about History, and argue about which of us gets to be Aunt Violet when we grow up. (For the record, I'm in the lead by virtue of being eldest and also most likely to bludgeon somebody with my will cane.)

KiraDeara has her final dress rehearsal this evening, and she's starting to get tired. It was nearly 10 o'clock by the time we got her home last night, and she didn't wind down enough to go to bed until nearly 11. Could be another four-hour session tonight. It's been a long build-up and this is a big show, with the children's choir on stage for a lot of it. I'm sure she'll get a boost of energy from having actual audiences in their performances, but it's a run of five shows. Even if you're not in town or able to attend a show, please do send her a bit of gentle mojo?

Finally, I'm excited to re-certify in CPR/AED this Friday night (it's been too long) and take that Wilderness First Aid course on Saturday. Did I already mention how the girls are bitterly disappointed to learn that the course is *not* all about learning to administer first aid to wildlife? Yeah. Should be fun and useful anyway. :)


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