Jun. 7th, 2013

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  1. Hit three big deadlines at work today. BOOYAH. I like being good at my work, but I also like having a job that I can lock up in the desk and not fret about when I leave the office.

  2. Enjoying Downton Abbey with the kids, which is really neato. Sadness, however, on account of NetFlix not having Season 2 streaming. The store only has Season 3 for sale, and I just can't abide watching them out of order. Will have to wait to receive the DVDs as they arrive. Ah, well.

  3. Eldest Daughter comes back tomorrow from Naish for her day off. The three how have been staffing out there will spend about 24 hours eating, showering, sleeping, and doing laundry. We got out there for "family night" during the week and it was nice to see them all in their element.

  4. Found a fabulous YouTube channel with a German dude (DJ?) who wonders out loud at American idioms. Example: Party Pooper. WTF, he thinks.

  5. Took FionaPie and a buddy of hers to Ernie Miller Nature Center for a thing about owls. I wanted to do something a little bit fun (and a little bit cheap) with her, so I did a little search at about four o'clock and voila! Shockingly spontaneous of me, don't you think? The program was maybe geared toward slightly younger children, but the girls had a good time together and we got to amble along some of the nature trails.


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