Jun. 3rd, 2013

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We got over a hump of sorts this past weekend, and I'm celebrating even though it's not quite Wednesday. Soccer season is officially over, after a dizzying five games over two days (tournament and final league games). Everything went well, and ended happily. I even got a little bit sun-kissed. Now we've got a few days of very low-key soccer camp sponsored by the high school and try-outs for next year's team, but they won't start practicing until August, so...something of a breather there.

Youngest girl had her annual dance recital on Saturday and it was quite the event. I can totally see how nobody but parents (and the occasional doting auntie with her captive hubby) would want to attend, but it was still a lot of fun. She would like to take modern dance along with ballet in the fall, but (thankfully) doesn't want to try out for the competition team until she's older. No more classes until the beginning of August for that activity, either!

Two of the three bigger teens are staffing at Camp Naish full-time now. They'll be home once a week between now and early August to shower, eat everything in sight, and nap like dogs. We'll have 2-3 kids around the house most of the time this summer, which is something of a break, particularly since most of the activities they want to participate in are around town and within bike-riding distance. Whew.

I've actually got a couple of evenings each week with Nothing in Particular on the calendar. What ever shall I do? I know: NOT A DAMN THING.

In other positive news, it's not painful at all to walk a few blocks at a time with the doggies, so foot is healing. I also found a couple of pairs of not-regrettable-looking Crocs sandals that are appropriate for wearing at work, so I don't have to wear my running shoes all the time. And my father handed down to us a power washer that might work for prepping the fence for re-staining this summer. That could be fun for sometime this weekend, perhaps. It's the little things, right?


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