Apr. 24th, 2013

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Thank goodness Eddie Izzard had a bit about the Doppler Effect, or I'd lose my mind. Everything sort of compresses and accelerates around this time of year, and every year we get through it just fine. Because the earth will rotate with or without my influence. All I've gotta do is stay attached to the planet and focus on continuing to breathe. Right? Right.

Graduation time is approaching for Lady Sadie, who struggles with not having a Grand Vision. We keep telling her that's fine...hardly anybody has a Grand Vision, and if they do, well, they will probably end up changing it sooner or later. But us telling her doesn't make it true in her head. Tricky part is, where my default when I'm in doubt like that is to OVERPLAN, her default seems to be AVOID EVERYTHING. Not sure how to navigate that...a challenge made stickier by not really having known her until the last three years or so.

Summer camping season is almost here. This year, we've got three who are staffing camp all summer long and who will therefore only be around the house about one day each week to sleep, eat, shower, and poop. (Yes, I said it.) A fourth one is doing a "training week" this summer, with the objective of being on full-time staff next summer. We don't pay for them to staff; they receive a paycheck. If only he were turning 15 sooner! Next year, though, it's ON.

So frustrating that all the payments for summer activities and some fall stuff are due right at the beginning of May, which is on the heels of Birthday Month. Gah.

In good news, my foot is slowly but measurably improving. I don't need to take anti-inflammatory meds anymore (unless I've been really stupid) and I've been able to start on some PT. Still not comfortable putting on any shoes other than my New Balance or (heaven forbid) my Crocs. The hideous pink ones. Looking forward to being able to walk my dog a little bit in the next couple of weeks. Still can't quite "step out" and push off the ball of my foot, but a nice mosey is working for now just fine. Tiny goals.


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