Apr. 15th, 2013

saffronhare: (Bunzilla. (Go ahead. Laugh.))
Props to:

  • B.Ryce, who cheerfully carried 25 bags of mulch to various places around the garden, and to KiraDeara, who cheerfully spread it all out. All I had to do was point and praise.

  • The makers of tennis balls, which are (off-label) really excellent tools for easing aches across the bottom of my foot as a first step (ha!) in rehabilitation. It's heavenly.

  • [livejournal.com profile] diermuid, who brought me drinks all evening at a birthday party on Saturday, so I could feel no pain...and who also let me lean on him while I stood on one foot when the atmosphere was "stand around and talk" before it became "sit around and talk."

  • FionaPie, who successfully saved enough Xmas and B-Day money over the course of the last 18+ months to purchase a Nook for herself. She's very pleased and proud.

  • The makers of extended-handle pruning shears, which greatly reduced the amount of bloodshed and cursing yesterday, when I decided to give the bayberry shrub a crew cut. One shrub to go, and then I can focus on the next thing: power-washing and re-staining the back fence! With the way "spring" has been, it doesn't seem prudent to plant much of anything before last frost, which usually is predicted around Mother's Day.


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