Apr. 4th, 2013

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Got out into the garden for a little while after dinner this evening. It wasn't much -- we just pulled a few weeds and cut back winter deadhead stuff along one of the beds. I think I added the right amount of mulch last spring, so now I know I need to (gradually) get 30 bags again. Yay?

It was nice to get outside and start talking to my plants. Plus, KiraDeara is growing up into a very enthusiastic and energetic garden helper. She was great company and very helpful. Poor thing got a couple of bayberry thorns in her hand, so we talked about the merits of gloves and going slowly, and how plants defend themselves. Within the next week or so, I hope to get the side bed cleaned up and cages around the FrankenRoses before they start growing like gangbusters again.

Last year was all about figuring out how to manage maintenance. This year, I hope to get better at the watering scheme -- maybe finally install a rain barrel or two -- and do a little more with annuals out front. We've focused mostly on hardy, drought-resistant perennials, which are cool...but nothing compares to the PARTYPARTYPARTY color and bloom of annuals.

The other big goal this year is General Backyard Rehab, the biggest part of which is re-sealing/re-staining the fence around the backyard. I'd also like to give some thought to how we might add raised beds for growing veggies (a project for some year soon), or manage the muddy areas and the Poop Zones such that the backyard can be reclaimed (at least partially) for human use.

Lots of limitations, mostly in terms of time and budget. That front bed gets truly punishing western exposure -- things BAKE in the evening sun -- and I can't spare much more than an hour each week with *maybe* one weekend day of serious effort each month. Still...really enjoyed this evening. :)


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