Feb. 8th, 2013

Ah, 16

Feb. 8th, 2013 08:29 am
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Age I was given by [livejournal.com profile] katzenfrau: 16 (1985)
Dating: Didn't date for most of the year, but started going out with a boy named David (ha!) once my junior year of HS started. Pretty decent fellow. Excellent kisser. He had a motorbike that I rode against my father's orders, and which eventually gave me an amazing tailpipe burn/scar. We're FB friends now and he lives in LA.
Lived in: The morning after my 16th birthday, we flew from RI to Brussels, where we temporarily lived in one of those downtown "embassy row" apartment buildings, complete with the old-fashioned elevator like in the movies. After a month or, so, we found a house in a village just outside the city (Sterrebeek, in the municipality of Zaventem). It was a little brick two-story with amazing windows that froze over on the inside in the winter, marble floors, those little doors that closed between all the first-floor rooms, and a bathtub under the eaves. (Must have driven my father crazy.) We also had gas-powered flash-heater water heater thingies mounted on the walls of each room that used hot water. The neighbors taught me to speak some Flemish. LOVED THAT HOUSE. Makes me want to use Google Earth to find it again. :)
Worked: Over that first summer, I worked "summer hire" as a clerk in the US NATO Support Activity motor pool, because I spoke German and that meant I could argue on the phone with all the dealers of parts for the armored cars that were always in short supply. It was the summer Ronald Reagan visited NATO, so we needed a LOT of armored cars. My boss was the dad of the David I eventually went out with. He's passed away since, but he was a really neat guy.
Fear: Car bombings. They happened all the time. Like, the community center-style building where we went for movies and stuff -- the only "American" facility in the area other than the embassy, because there wasn't a US military base -- was still being rebuilt that summer from a car bombing that happened a few months before I arrived.
Drove: I didn't drive (or even have a license) until I turned 18.

(Not going to repeat the "Today" stuff, since I already did that!) Let me know if you want an age?


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