Jan. 29th, 2013

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Of the five kids remaining in the house, three of them are teenagers and two of them are "tweeners," which can make life interesting in ways I never anticipated when I was frustrated with things like potty training and naps.

For instance, B.Ryce overslept today, claiming his "alarm didn't work." We just got him a new alarm clock for Hanukkah, so I thought that seemed odd. I asked him what happened. He said the cord for his desk lamp (where the alarm clock plugs in) came loose before bedtime last night but he didn't worry about fixing it because he was turning the lights out for bed anyway. And the clock was telling time when he looked at it last! (This is because there is a back-up battery in the alarm clock, but that only gives it a few hours of juice.)

So the problem wasn't with the alarm clock at all. It was with electricity not getting to the clock, and thoughts not going through the brain. YELLOW FLAG for logic, dear. He was pretty flustered about it this morning, but later we'll talk about switching where the lamp is plugged in (because he talked about it like it happens all the time) or fixing the outlet such that electricity will flow properly and things will work the way we expect.


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