Jan. 28th, 2013

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Wonderfully full weekend -- and, for once, I wasn't "in service" to other people's priorities. So, while it was busy, it was fun to be doing the things I chose for myself to enjoy and participate in. Not sure how to adequately describe the difference, there, but it was awesome.

Saturday's TKD tournament was a relatively low-impact experience. There were people who had traveled from Nebraska, Iowa, and even Oklahoma, but it wasn't as huge or high-pressure as the state tournamenttends to be. Even so, there were precious few women in my age division (33+), and *none* at my belt level...which made the competition brackets a little bit odd. But they were odd for everyone, I think. )

Oh...and I'm on an Elizabeth Bear kick. Loved Dust and All the Windwracked Stars, but didn't like the Shakespeare series, so I stopped reading that one after about 25 pages. Working on the first book in the Jenny Casey series, Hammered, which I'm liking a lot so far. I figure I'll try the first one out of a few difference series and see which ones I want to follow. Could mean finishing three whole books this month, which is unprecedented for me.
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OMG so squee about this I can't even

In February, [livejournal.com profile] diermuid and I are seeing the pipes & drums at the Lied Center (for Valentine's Day, I got him tickets to that thing he likes). In April, I'm roadtripping to get my feet wet at a Con. That leaves March open for adventure. Personally, imma aim for March 8 or March 22. Either one of those would *totally* work for our anniversary. Right? Right?

ETA: A more official website here, courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] featherynscale:


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