Jan. 4th, 2013

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Yesterday, the last bit for KiraDeara's bedroom "remodel" arrived -- a "junior-sized" swivel chair from Ikea. When we opened up the box, I was a little bit surprised to see RED. Because I'd ordered white and silver. ERK. Fortunately, Kira *loved* the way the red picked up the same color in the mildly Bohemian duvet cover she chose for her bed...and the red looks much niftier with the green on the walls than I would have guessed. So we'll keep it. Lucky, right?

new red chair

We assembled that sucker together. She did most of the work, while I gestured wildly and read the instructions in German. Next step, sometime this year, will be to rehab that dresser in the background, which used to be mine when I was a little girl and which has survived umpty-gazillion moves since. FionaPie is starting to get thinky about her own room, so that's probably somewhere on the horizon.
saffronhare: (birch durer hare)
I've been wanting to do some divination again lately -- tarot, ogham, whatever. But it's been so long and I feel really...I don't know, cobwebby about it. Like I don't remember how to speak the language anymore. I've drifted pretty far from that shore lately, and feel the pull again. Awkward, but kind of sweet and inevitable at the same time, you know? Maybe it'll be a lot like dancing.


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